Aluminum Junkyard

Created by KishKumen and came 3rd in our our Crashes, Bashes & Wrecks Competition.

The cars were made by pressing aluminum foil over toy cars, removing the foil, then crushing them in imaginative ways. The finished foil cars were filled with plaster of Paris to keep their shape.

After a coat of primer and a base coat of rusty brown, the cars were painted with the standard methods.

The stacked cars are held together with glue and spackle but they're still kind of fragile. I may drill a hole down through the top and pin them together.

The bases are masonite covered with a thin coat of spackle mixed with sand. Tyre tracks were made with a toy truck. After painting, vegetation was added using lichen and paint brush bristles from a cheap brush.

Most of the cars have empty wheel wells, but the Skyline had them ground out with a Dremel tool and toy car wheels glued in.


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