Imperial Field Command

Created by PTI:TS for our Crashes, Bashes & Wrecks Competition.

This is my entry that has evolved from something to a supply dump to an Imperial Field command post. There is room for 10 figures in the main command bunker, 20 figures and two tanks in the fortified area. The command post is in what was a heavily contested water distribution station.

The piece is based on 24"x24" masonite (hardboard) and constructed from 1" thick pink insulation foam, sculpy, platicard, PVC pipe, cardboard tube, craft sticks, sprue rubble, and of course two wrecked GW tanks. The ladder is HO gauge rail road track and 1/16" brass rod. The razor wire is two gauges of floral wire wrapped together.

Hopefully in the future I can expand on the detail of the command bunker, but for ease of play it has remained open.


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