Ruined Building

Created by KishKumen and came 3rd in our our Ruins Competition.

I started with your average foamcore building. I added the crater and large rubble piles with styrofoam glued to the base.

Spackle was spread over the base with my fingers. A rubber spatula was used for the outsides of the building to get that stucco texture. A watered-down coating was put on the floors and some places on the insides. The individual floors were taken out to do this so the spackle wouldn't stick them together.

While the spackle was still wet, I sprinkled broken plaster chunks. For small piles of rubble, I put a dollop of spackle and pushed plaster into it. You could also glue plaster chunks, but the irregular shape of the broken plaster means there is little surface area for the glue to adhere to. Sticking it into spackle means it's stuck over a larger area and will stay stuck better. Even if it breaks off the dried spackle, you can glue it back to the impression left behind.

Kitty litter and sand also make good little chunks here and there. Press them down into the wet spackle and they'll be somewhat level, even though they look irregular.

When that was dry I painted everything with a tan base coat, followed by a wash of a brown in selected areas. Finally I drybrushed selected areas with white.

The rebar is simply lengths of steel wire I pushed into the foamcore.


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