Created by DarthJason for our Ruins Competition.

For this model I used a piece from a DVD packaging as a base for the building. Empty camera film holders were used for different tanks, straws for tubes and pipes, bolts and washers for holes and so. Different pieces of metal and plastic from old floppy disks for floodgates and stuff, and plenty of cables to make it look good. The little gas canisters can be found in some air fresheners or in inhalers for asthmatics. I found the tube in a construction skip, I think it's the kind they use for electrical purposes. I saved a bit to use on the rear part of the building. The bit used for the "three output pipes", is a audio/video adapter of some kind. I glued on a few electrical resistances from an old computer that look like small barrels or containers. I like the look of them.

The two braces were cut from thick cardboard to hold the tank, which was made out of an empty energy drink can. I textured the piece with white acrylic paint mixed with some black tint and sand. Later I gave it a wash of black dye diluted in water. I used a lot of bronze mixed with straight red or dark blue. Sometimes with a little black or earth brown in the mix too.

Finally I added a fence made out of rugged cardboard, and painted it with a mix of bronze, ocre brown, and a drop of pale green.


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