Created by LuMi for our Ruins Competition.

Initially I was deciding between modern/medieval, but I like the idea of a post-apocalyptic desiccated sea, so I went with that. I decided to make this a corner piece, mainly because I don't usually do corner or side pieces, and this was a good opportunity to get one. The principal change is the natural environment. I thought that desert is too stereotypical, so I decided to add some vegetation - some trees where before was a sea.

The base is foamcore and the 'wall' is polystyrene. I smashed some wooden sticks with a stone to get the upper side. I cut a long narrow channel into the foamcore to house the pipe, which I then damaged a bit with a lighter and a craft knife. The pier is made of balsa wood. I also glued the anvils, made from video-recorder rubber pieces and big screws. The bars on the grill are from a toy cage. The trees I made with some little branches and some expired Woodland Scenics lichen. I used some thin polystyrene worked with fine sandpaper to make mounds and irregularities of the terrain. Some wheels and barrels were added too.

I textured the polystyrene with a mix of white acrylic paint, black tint and sand. I used that mix to get a smooth transition from foamcore to polystyrene mounds. The rest was painted in various acrylics before the trees were glued on.


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