Ruined Gun Emplacement

Created by px166bajaj for our Ruins Competition.

I found it hard to decide what to make for this competition because I don't usually make ruined buildings. Most of my scenarios are set on frontier worlds, where a ruin would very quickly get salvaged/cannibalised for parts, due to lack of materials. They wouldn't be around long. Anyway, I had bit the bullet and made a ruined gun emplacement/bunker. The gun is supposed to be an anti spacecraft type, hence the size. I wanted to show it destroyed but still recognisable as a gun emplacement.

For the basic structure I used a box of chocolates and a cut off water gun barrel. The gun has been glommed into a hole Dremelled into the top of the bunker. A damage hole has been cut into one corner, and turrets added for anti-personnel guns. I added rubble and rebar sticking out of the blasted turret hole. On the other side I added some more details, using TV components.

It was spray primed white and then painted B&Q Dolphin Grey, Dulux Forest Green and Dulux Jamaican Ginger. The lower half of the guns is painted a blue/grey I mixed up myself. The base was flocked and painted in various shades of brown and green. Finally some lichen was glued on for the plants.


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