Corner Ruin

Created by Witterquick for our Ruins Competition.

A friend who is a WH40K player told me he wanted to buy the "Cities of Death" boxed set, but couldn't afford it. I told him there were cheaper alternatives, and offered to build him a simple example to show him how. Next thing I knew, I was building a ruin.

I don't really consider this a contender for "best terrain of the month" because it is not particularly a) innovative, b) complicated, or c) realistic. But it qualified so I thought I'd share it.

This piece is composed of Hirst Arts bricks, largely from the Gothic Church and Gothic Floor Tile moulds. I chipped the bricks with a pair of pliers and the drum sander on a Dremel. The base is MDF board. I used terrarium gravel for the "pulverized tile" and model train ballast as the base for the texture.

The building was spray-painted black, then covered with my two gray house paints: dark and light. The base was painted and highlighted with Ceramcoat.

I did some weathering using very diluted browns. Since I think this is supposed to be a city ruin, I kept the "vegetation" to a minimum. I also didn't include much in the way of detail. Truth be told, I like to avoid "tells" that indicate time or game universe if I can, so I can get the most mileage out of the terrain. This could also be used in fantasy, for example. I'll add the little bits separately as needed.


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