Arbites K-Rails

Created by Ambience 327 for our Hasty Fortifications Competition.

The idea was to create a set of quick-set barricades that the Arbites use to create cover in a hurry. They would use these when they expect resistance to be heavier than a standard civilian riot or queue war. I used a strip of wood molding that had a nice, semi-gothic-looking pattern etched into it, cutting it into 6" pieces that were then glued back-to-back to create the basic rail shape. Details were added with brass rod, jewellery-making pieces, yellow ribbon, sand and parts from my bits box. The rails were painted black, then drybrushed three successive shades of gray to achieve a nice look of concrete. The striping on the ribbon was added with a black permanent marker. I also built a few reflective barriers to add to the "Police Emergency" atmosphere. These were made from thick card painted white with orange marker used for the emergency striping. The reflectors on the tops of the small barriers are made with yellow rhinestones glued to a piece of jewellery-making wire.


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