Putrid Boggy Swamp

Created by MUMSY and came 2nd in our our Obstacles Competition.

Armies of most races need latrine facilities. Orcs may be no exception but are not known for their tidy hygienic ways. Deep in the jungle swamps the facility has sunk into foul decay of unspeakable and advanced state of putridness.
Using linear bases of masonite and hand molded plaster started with six about 10 inches long by five inches wide.
Layers of fine craft sand, pinches of builders sand,fimo rocks, craft wood, cork, sprue, granny grating,Imperial dozer blades, and Commando sprue bits. Wood glue and super glue holding it together. Foliage of lichen, paper, and hemp twine. Flowers of painted plastic flower stamens.
Each piece hand painted. Six to eight layers of drybrushing using acrylics and ink washes. Base drenched with polymer resin/hardener water feature carefully around each piece. Obstacles are wet looking and corroding in the decaying conditions.
Six obstacles made, three shown for reference. They can be used end to end and side to side in multiple configurations. Or used as single units.



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