Forest Fire

Created by MUMSY and came 3rd in our our Fire Competition.

Fire terrain made for Warhammer 40,000 game use. The flames of war advance on all planets and consume all organic matter in its path.
Fire that is easy to make and easy to use with everything from lava boards, forests, or villages under heavy artillery fire.
This fire is to be used with all the above. Forest on fire due to advancing lava became the challenge.
The forest was made first with single trees on washer and clay bases. Masonite based groves with flock, clump foliage, dried roots for dead trees, and grasses made from paint brush bristles. Loofa pads weighted with steel washers, and added flock and foilage for underbrush were made up into seperate pieces as well.
The fire was started by spray painting the polyfiber with black enamel paint. Acrylic paint in red, white, and yellow was added to the molding paste and painted onto the polyfiber. Steel washers were hot glued to the base of each polyfiber smoke and flame piece. Flames are painted on each side of the smoke clouds. Coated two times with matte acrylic sealer. The flames can be moved around the game board at will. The polyfil eased apart gives a smokier effect. Flickering LED tea lights can be slipped inside each smoke and flame cloud for a realistic burning look.
The primary and first two supporting pictures are without LED illumination. The last two supporting photos show lit from within.



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