Helicopter Crash

Created by Kishkumen and came 1st in our our Disastrous Aftermath Competition.

This toy helicopter was found at a dollar store. It's slightly smaller than 1:48 scale but works well enough for a wreck.

Originally it was motorized with big wheels so the toy could roll along the ground.

The motor was removed and the chunky base that held the wheels was sawed off to make it flat.

The windows were altered (a red plastic windshield was removed and the top windows were simply painted on, so I had to grind them out) to reveal an empty fuselage.

An interior was built from cardboard and black foam core board. Windows are packaging plastic glued from the inside.

Without the original motor, The helo needed a scratch-built rotor hub. This was made from model sprue and styrene strip, while the blades are more package plastic.

Some scrap landing gear from a toy Bf-109 fighter was used because the toy had no landing gear. One gear strut is compressed more than the other to suggest one broke under the hard crash. Its wheel was then broken off to make the plane tilt more.

Rocket pods are cut from a pen barrel and capped with some package cardboard. Rocket tubes were marked with a felt-tip marker after painting.

Weathering was done with the standard dry-brush technique. Dirt from the back porch was thrown at areas with Watered-down PVA glue. Plants are paint brush bristles.



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