Garden Arbor, 1:72 scale

Created by Tob for our Entrance/Exit Competition.

This 1:72 scale Garden Arbor uses 1/4" (6mm) hardware cloth and a piece of plastic from a videotape shell as its two structural elements. The hardware cloth was bent to shape and the ends were heated on a stove. When the arbor was put on its base, the ends melted right into it. The piece is 3" x 1 3/4" (75mm x 50mm) and 1 1/2" (40mm) tall.

Everything was primed in gesso and base landscaping began. It was flocked with tea and fine turf sponge for the grass, and fine sand for the path. Small limestone talus was glued piece by piece along the path edge. Reindeer moss, sponge, synthetic fur and small stones were used in various combinations for the rest of the plant life. Mushrooms were made from the heads of sewing pins. A hedgehog was made from a burr that I found stuck to my pants. Painted to bring out detail, he can be seen under the small dogwood tree in the main photo.

Vines were painstakingly attached after painting the arbor white. The vines were made from reindeer moss stripped down to individual strands. Tiny bits of dark green sponge were dotted randomly about. A red tissue paper flower was glued to each bit of dark green sponge and there are 3 dozen total. The flowers were made by twisting 3mm punched circles of paper around the dulled end of a toothpick.



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