Ordinary Gate

Created by Kishkumen and came 3rd in our our Entrance/Exit Competition.

This competition was a perfect chance to make a gate to go with some chain link fence made years ago.

At first I had planned to make a galvanized farm gate, like the kind that block off horse corrals or country roads. But then I made a 1:48 plan of a 12'x 4' gate and realized how small it actually was.

So it was changed to a 17' x 7' security fence after doing some online research. This one is large enough for a 1:48 tank to drive through.

After printing the diagram, square styrene rod was laid over the plans and cemented together. Poles are square styrene tubing stuck through holes drilled in the masonite base.

Fence screen is aluminum window screen rotated 45 degrees and glued to the frame with superglue. Some screen sticks out each side to somewhat mesh with the existing fences.

The gate can swing both ways. Thus, it can be placed with the hinge on the left or the right, and then open inwards or outwards depending on what is desired.

A latch is made from a bent wire so the gate will stay closed for appearances. It's hard to convey a secure government location with a gate that keeps swinging open. After drilling a tiny hole in a post, a piece of paper clip wire was inserted and bent.

Weathering was done with craft acrylics and textured paint to create an old yet functional gate. What's behind it, a forgotten military experiment or just some wrecked vehicles?

Signs were drawn and weathered in Photoshop, then printed and glued to the fence.



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