Mordheim wyrdstone touchdown

Created by havre for our Treasure Competition.

Struck by a wyrdstone from the sky, a skaven lies contemplating his tremendous luck in finding such a hoard of treasure while his life leeks out. The scaven lies with a wyrdstone in his hand on the rim of the crater made by the larger wyrdstone as it shattered.

I have made this scene as part of a larger board module that I'm working on for the Mordheim skirmish game. The whole module is 60 x 60 cm. The board is made from Styrofoam, Depron and spacle, painted and drybrushed. Then it is flocked with coarse and fine gravel and static grass. The role of wyrdstone is played by broken green glass. The flock is tied down with huge quantities of wood glue. The impact came slightly from the side forming an irregular crater. Around the crater you can se parts of basements and street layout.

The figure is made from skaven head and arms, and a dwarf torso modified with greenstuff. The skaven's intestines is insulation from an electric wire. The 'fresh' blood is a mix of wood glue, blood red and scorched brown



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