Crumbling Water Architecture

Created by havre and came 2nd in our our Water Competition.

With the desolation of Mordheim, struck by comets from the sky, an impressive water circulation system came tumbling down. Somewhere, a destroyed cistern spills its water into the neighbouring sewer system. The aqueduct which supplied the cistern also was destroyed, but ironically continues filling the cistern in vain.

This tableau is made as part of a mordheim table I'm currently working on. As such the amount of debris is kept to a minimum and the colours tuned down. The gameboard contains playable sewers with drainage from basements and public toilets, and models can be reached by removable parts spotted on picture 2.

The tableau is made from blue styrofoam, partly spackled and grounded with dark brown before drybrushed with dark grey, mid grey, light grey and offwhite. Scatter is made from sand, single, static grass and some false plants. The still water contains eight coats of WS Realistic Water, some of which are tainted with brown and green. The running water is made from some Norwegian Polymer based "glass clear glue". The skeleton is from WHFB and the fish feeding from it made from Green Stuff. The tall grass are pine neadles and water lily leaves are melted plastic leaves.



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