Parked Aircraft

Created by Kishkumen and came 3rd in our our Sheet Materials Competition.

This is a scratch-built 1:48 MiG-29 fighter parked on a third-world tarmac. It's based on my own 3D flying model designs but enlarged and with details added. The cut-and-fold parts were printed from a computer, then glued to posterboard to create a durable model. Extra details include open dorsal air intakes, landing gear (with open hatches), and AA-11 missiles under the wings. With a few exceptions (landing gear, seat, and optics), the entire model is made of posterboard, paper, and plastic sheet.
The cockpit is posterboard with a balsa-wood ejection seat and a Heads-Up Display made of blister plastic.
Landing gear struts are hardwood planks with toy wheels glued to them. Missiles are rolled-up paper tubes with posterboard fins glued on.
Missile optics, the IRST lens, and landing lights are bits of clear model sprue. The canopy is blister plastic glued behind a posterboard frame and bent into position.
Ailerons, flaps, and rudder were embossed with a ball-point pen, but the other seam detail was painted with very thin black paint.
The base is corrugated cardboard with posterboard glued on and expansion joints cut out. A sponged-on base coat of tan and brown acrylic was accentuated with splattered-on black and white. Paint brush bristles and flocking make weeds and moss to show neglect.
In a game, this would be used as hard cover, concealment (prone figures can crawl under the wings), or a sabotage objective. It is for use with 28mm figures.



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