Paper Watchtower

Created by AndySlater for our Sheet Materials Competition.

The most difficult part of this entry was photographing it. Wet and windy November weather is not at all conducive to outdoor photography of a 15" tall paper model. As I don't have a sufficiently clutter free area indoors, I ended up using a bed sheet backdrop and a clean up session in GIMP.

The model is a download from, printed on my Epson DX4000 injet printer, cut out using a knife and mat, and assembled with PVA glue. Black marker pen was used to deal with white edges.

A motivator for building this model was that I'm designing a paper model for a 'client' and wanted to refresh myself on some aspects of paper modelling. Useful 'discoveries' include:

1. The roof is really good in terms of effort versus effect; easy to do and looks great.

2. The buttresses were trickier but add a lot to the model's appearance.

3. The crenelations were rather fiddly because they have thickness. I reckon the crenelations would work just as well if done in the same way as the walls.

As shown the model used 19 sheets of 225gsm paper, but it can be built in a number of ways i.e. with a greater or fewer number of stories, and while I've used crenellations and a roof, either one could be used on its own.

Another option is that there are parts to make internal trap doors and ladders. I didn't bother because I feel that in would be impractical to disassemble and reassemble the model on a gaming table to use the interior.

A pleasing model from which I've learned a lot.



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