Ka Ulu a Paoa Heiau

Created by MUMSY and came 1st in our our Excavation Competition.

English translation: The Temple Institution for the Growth of Knowledge founded by Paoa.
A diorama that can be used with 1:72 scale.
An isolated small Island with ancient rock foundations, lava caves, and a few hieroglyphs. Pirates seek riches from unearthed artifacts to sell on the black market.

Base 18"x10" masonite covered with sand and coated in Elmer's glue thinned with water and Future. Two pink insulation foam forms melted with a propane torch and sealed. Joined with white glue and tube spackle.
The sea began with a couple shots of paint in green and blue. Envirolite epoxy resin with a second coat. Then followed by multiple layers of Lexel Sealant. Waves colored with a few drops of blue food coloring. A thin seal of Vallejo Water Effects to firm up the sealant. Dry brushed with white acrylic paint. Waves splashing on the shore and rock cliffs are made up of Medium Gel and cotton balls teased apart with a crochet hook. More epoxy.
28 trees are scratch built with paper, wire, toothpicks, floral Tape, Aleen's floral glue, and acrylic paints. Flock, kitty litter, and sand make up the ground cover and rubble. Lava stones that make up the shoreline wave breaks, Heiau, and stairs between levels are all DAS. The hoist over the cave is made from split stir sticks. Ropes are crochet thread.
Buckets are of paper and one from Sculpey III. Super glue holds paper buckets and Sculpey artifacts to the ground.
A challenging and fun project.



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