Wild Horse Monument of Washington

Created by MUMSY and came 2nd in our our Monuments Competition.

Wild Horses Monument is a series of steel horse sculptures called "Grandfather Cuts Loose The Ponies" by metal artist David Govedare and is high on a ridge overlooking the Columbia River. Near Vantage, WA.

This competition piece is a diorama in scope. Only six horses instead of 15. Govedare's steel horses are a little bigger than life size.

Started with odd broken pieces of pink insulation foam semi melted with a propane torch. Painted black. Glued to a 12" x 12 1/2" masonite board. Sand,kitty litter, ground herbs, bits of roots, and multiple kinds of flock. Tube spackle for the traversed trail and patching the seams of foam.
Acrylic paint in washes of Burnt Umber and Brown Oxide for exposed ground.

River of EnviroTex lite mixed with a drop of Burnt Umber and Phthalo Green.

Dried Lichen and Silflor foliage (Green Spruce) cut into tufts used for desert scrub. Aleen's Floral glue used on all shrubs. PVA used on all sand, rubble, and flock.

Steel Horses are made of card stock. Measure about 2" x 1 1/2" each. Shown with 1:72 scale figure for comparison. Base for horses made of Styrene. Horses were drawn free hand, cut with scissors, legs applied separately. Rivets on legs dot of PVA.
Spray painted with Krylon Black Satin. Washed with Burnt Umber twice, Brown Oxide once, dry brushed with orange, stippled with Burnt Umber. A final wash of Devlon Mud.
Horse monuments glued down with Aleen's Floral.
Diorama mounted on 2"x2" wood frame.



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