Boxen Pile

Created by Kishkumen and came 3rd in our our Excavation Competition.

Excavation is not limited to digging underground. Looking through stacks of boxes to find one particular item is a common form of excavation, as anyone with a garage or storage shed knows.

The goal here was to show a somewhat organized mass of boxes being moved around so someone can get into the center. The areas around the hollow are hastily stacked with some boxes open.

The core of this sculpture is made from styrofoam cut into a basic shape of the pile, then painted and covered with boxes.

Each box is folded from paper and then filled with a mix of hot glue to make it solid. Due the sheer number of boxes, layers of aquarium gravel were used as a filler to reduce the amount of hot glue needed. About four boxes could be made from one stick of hot glue instead of merely two boxes this way.

Box details were mostly drawn on with a technical pen, but some tiny paper labels were cut out, drawn on, and stuck to the side to resemble adhesive labels.

The pile serves as an urban hill, as the flat spots allow 28mm figures to stand on different parts. Sesame seeds were used as foam packing peanuts, and small bits of paper are used as newspaper to protect fragile items.



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