Folding Subterranean Game Box

Created by MUMSY and came 3rd in our our Folding Terrain Competition.

Cardboard watchtowers and stands of trees are attached permanently to two masonite fold out playing surfaces which are then attached onto a veneer drawer insert by brass hinges. It has a fully extended gaming surface of 24"x27"x2"
Two wood supports are attached to the masonite undersides of the playing boards with wood glue.

Two brass hinges attach the two supports. They pull out from underneath to form a triangle support for the upper boards. Velcro loops hold the supports firmly in place when the box is closed. The bottom of the box is covered in black felt. A brass hinged drawer pull acts a handle on the top of the box.

The fold out top sections are covered in fine craft sand. The box floor is covered with printed paper sheets of ruined concrete. The whole thing was first sealed in a mix of PVA, water, and Future/ clear furniture floor wax. It was then sealed in multiple coats of Matte Spray.

The attached trees are craft store fabric foliage cut up and based with cardboard. The watchtowers are covered with Rigid Wrap. The playing boards are flocked and detailed with a various assortment of products and scatter material. Rubble and rocks of are of Kitty Litter. PVA was used throughout construction.

The whole box is lightweight, unlatches easily, and can pull out or fold back together with one hand.

Designed with children in mind. The construction and materials are rugged and tough. It can easily be stored under a bed.



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