Warhammer terrain

Created by havre for our Back to Basics Competition.

Here are three basic pieces for any WHFB-table: Difficult terrain/forest base, difficult terrain and an obstacle. I've interpreted the "basic" criteria as reffering to the piece playing a basic function, beeing clearly purpose built, restricted in size and not in a centerpiece role. All pieces are for heroic 28 mm.

The difficult terrain/forest base was made at a workshop for my gaming club. The base is 4 mm 15*25 cm plywood, cut and sanded, covered in spackle and with some slates to liven it up. The spackle was engraved with a trail and stippled with a sponge to avoid pencil marks. Sand was glued on besides the trail, before painting and adding scatter. The piece is kept as open as possible for playability and room for trees.

The field is my first experiment with fake fur, glued on a plywood base. I dyed the fur using liberal amounts of heavily diluted paint. Spackle was massaged into the mat to hide the cloth structure where the grass was cut. Grooves for the giant foot prints were dug into the plyvwood, and built up using clay.

For the obstacle I tried a fencing technique from GW's book on terrain building, using flower pins for stands and copper wire for twigs. The twigs were hammered in a pile to add bends and dents. The stone coffin wall is built from stones from the field, made from Hobby Clay. The olive tree is made from wire and Milliput, with some sponge material for the canopy and seeds for fallen olives. The Ivy is made from roots and birch seed spacers.



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