Mordheim Lighthouse

Created by TheRat and came 1st in our our Reach For The Sky Competition.

I wanted to build something dynamic that would really lend an extra "costal" feel to my Mordheim pirate themed board. Inspired by pictures of abandoned Russian nuclear powered lighthouses, I set to work with a clear picture in mind.
The shape for the lighthouse was made from a flora foam cone found at the local craft store. I cut the cone to size, and mounted on a foam core base.
The light itself was a bit of a challenge, but a trip to a few local .99$ stores produced the perfect solution! I took two nightlight housings removed the innards, glued them together and mounted that structure on a hose coupling found at a local hardware store. The globe in the center taken from an old lotion bottle finished off the structure.
For the larger of the two circular platforms, I wanted something with some thickness, so I took a sheet of card, and mounted a layer of coffee stir sticks on the top and bottom. To cover the exposed edges, I took some coffee stir sticks soaked them in water till they were flexible and then hot glued them to the outside edge. I wanted the piece to be very playable, so I made sure to space the stairs around the outside in such a way that figures can reset on them with ease.
The rocks on the base are created from chunks of foam. The entire structure was coated in spackle sanded smooth, detail carved into the foam base, and tower.
The final dimensions of the lighthouse come out to be 6 1/2" wide x 21" tall creating a TOWERING structure!



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