Warhammer 40K Watch Tower

Created by Taltosvt for our Reach For The Sky Competition.

Coming into the competition two weeks before the end, coupled with the fact that I haven't really modeled anything for over five years, I opted to go for something simple that could be built quickly.

My first instinct was to build a watch tower of some sort, similar to fire towers found in the mountains near where I live. I decided on a Warhammer 40K theme to help set the scale and color scheme.

The tower itself separates into three sections so that the piece can be used as a bunker, a smaller tower, or a larger tower. The two support structures are built of foam-core with beads added for bolts. The guard box was built from scrap cardboard and styrene. The roof lifts off to allow for placement of miniatures during game play.

Details were created by pressing oven-bake clay against official models in order to create press-molds. These molds were then used to replicate the skulls and eagle as needed.

The communications dish on top was created by cutting down a small LEGO radar dish and attaching wire and a matchstick to the front.

The barrels at the base are scratch built by winding wire around a small cylinder, then painting.

The base itself is foam insulation, covered by a dark wood stain, then sprinkled with course sand.

The completed tower is 4.25 inches wide by 3.25 inches deep. From the base to the roof, it is 13 inches tall. With the terrain base and communications dish, the piece is approximately 9 inches by 11 inches by 14.5 inches.



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