For Whom the Bell Tolls

Created by havre and came 2nd in our our Reach For The Sky Competition.

"Years after the bell was removed from the ol' clock tower, occational stragglers still claim to hear it chime when they drew too close."

The clock tower is a piece for my mordheim board. It is fully accesible as it separates into four parts, with internal stairs. The building is scratch built from foam board, plywood, wood, plastic tubing and some metal. It measures 8 * 10 * 40 cm.

The clockwork is made from some metal cogs and weels and steel wire. It is run by counterweights hanging from the chain running from the clockwork trough holes in the floor. The face of the clock is from sheet metal and plywood. The letters are from plasticard.

The roof was made with beams from flower sticks and split plastic tubing glued on. Coloured spackle figures as mortar and was painted on and wiped off using a damp towel. Bird litter on top.

The walls are two layers og foamboard, outer paper layer shawed off. I engraved the stone structure using a engraving tool to avoid the telltale pencil marks. It was afterwards roughed up with a volcaninc stone from mt. Etna (true!).

The floors are plywood, cut and treated with a steel brush to obtain grain structure and imitate weathering.

The basement vent is made from air drying clay. Rusty old bars are from rusty old steel wire. Birch spacers and roots figures as ivy, while scatter plays the role of moss.



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