Sherman Granite at Vedauwoo Nat'l Park

Created by Tob and came 3rd in our our Rocks Competition.

As this competition is about specific rocks and their surfaces, I decided to model my favorite rocks in the world; the Sherman granite of Vedauwoo.

A rough shape typical of Vedauwoo rocks was carved out of EPS foam and after it was further shaped with a rasp and crevices added with a soldering iron, it had the approx dimensions 8" x 3" x 4" (19x7x9 cm).

This foam boulder was then sprayed with acrylic matte sealer to etch the surface like granite. When the surface cured hard, it went into a 200 degree F (95 C) oven for 15-20 minutes to create the hairline surface cracks.

At this point the 'rock' was primed with gesso and painted with various wash and drybrush techniques. Burnt umber, brick red, and various shades of beige were the main colors, and at least 10 passes were made to achieve the natural look of Sherman granite.

To create the crustose lichen, a paste of rice flour was tinted with a little avocado green paint, then smeared on the rock where lichens would naturally occur. The rock then went back into the oven for about 15 minutes to create the craqueleur. The lichen was then painted with dark green washes and light yellowish green drybrushing in multiple passes.

Crevices were filled with tea, scrub bushes, grasses, and a small tree. The tree is clay on wire, the dead branches are reindeer moss, and it's slightly over an inch (2.5cm) tall.

The scale of this piece was left intentionally ambiguous for use between 1:285 and 1:72.



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