Terror Of The Mini Seas

Created by MUMSY and came 1st in our our Super Detailing Competition.

An ocean worthy Chinese junk of notoriety is docked and vulnerable for take over's by warring factions.

Images off the internet and a personal knowledge of harbor inhabitants are reference ideas for my entry.

The base is two wooden picture frames with a masonite floor measuring 11" x 9" x 2". Ships core is pink polystyrene. Outer hull of soaked balsa strips coated in DAS. Deck, piers, stairs, masts, pilings are all balsa and craft wood. Hatch cover and railings on both ends of ship are Granny Grating in two sizes. Life boat is cereal card covered in wood putty. All details are scratch built from found bits.
Cannon is a metal paint brush tip detailed with jewelry findings, Green Stuff and various bits. Spilled bucket with mop is paper, cotton swab, and nail polish. Rigging of string and crochet thread. Block and tackle of Green Stuff. Barnacles of kitty litter and sea weed of yarn. Deck planking of balsa wood etched with a dull pencil. PVA, Plumbers clear caulk, and Super glue hold every thing together.

Black, White, red, and Burnt Sienna acrylic paint, PVA, Future floor polish, and Walnut wood stain were used repeatedly to keep the color pallet harmonious.

Sea life sculpted with Sculpey III. Water is a spray paint base of blue and green, tinted resin, and top layer of Plumbers clear caulk.

Ship and piers were weathered with a mixture of finely ground Artists chalk and child's side walk chalk. Over spray of Dull Coat on the wood parts to finish.



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