Game Board Trees

Created by MUMSY for our One Inch Base Competition.

A set of five Pacific Northwest forest pieces. Based on 1 1/8" steel washers. Sitka Spruce and Pine trees of the Cascade mountains. Dense brush and forest litter common to the region.

Paint brushes with metal tips removed and pointed with a pencil sharpener.Dowels and bamboo skewers used for smaller trees.

Scored the surface of the dowels with an exacto blade.

Brushed Elmer's Wood Glue over the lower half of the sticks and coated in finely sieved sawdust and crushed dried chili peppers.

Sprayed adhesive over the tops of the sticks . Sisal rope snipped into two piles. 1/4" and 1/8". Starting with the 1/4" sprinkled it over the sticky end of the sticks. Holding the bottom end between thumb and forefinger twirled rapidly until fibers stand out. Dried and repeat three times ending with the 1/8" fibers. Base coat of matte black spray paint and medium brown. Another light mist of spray adhesive then applied three dustings of medium green Woodland Scenic flock. Trimmed with scissors.

Washers coated with Gesso and then PVA. Dried black tea first with base coat of black matte spray paint to seal. Trees were attached with PVA. Three types of flock. Dried corn silk. Stardust Gypsophila spray painted black and seeds painted red to resemble Indian Plums. Bits of home collected lichen/algae, twigs, and grass attached with Super Glue. Mushrooms sculpted from Sculpey III. Painted with acrylics. Finished with three coats of Matte Acrylic sealer.



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