15mm Church & Cemetery

Created by Taltosvt and came 2nd in our our Burial Site Competition.

I decided to work with a scale that I've never worked with for this competition. The piece was made for 15mm World War II games, and represents a small church in France during the summer of 1944.

The base is a 12"x12" piece of 1/4" peg-board, covered in a layer of foam-core to elevate the church and bocage above the level of the road.

Ground cover was created by blending fine sawdust with water and green paint, then sprinkling the result over the board with a flour sifter.

The main building was cut from a styrene base which was then covered with kitty-litter. The litter was then base coated, painted, dry-brushed, and washed to give it a stone effect. The windows are simply printed paper, and the roof if cardboard covered in hand-made paper.

Tombstones were cut from a thin sheet of cardboard which had been painted with a few different shades of gray.

The bocage hedgerow uses a foam-core base, with a wire mesh interior. Moss was glued to the mesh, then washed and dabbed with green to darken it.

The small crop field was an experiment. The rows are made with a sheet of corrugated cardboard with the outer paper layer removed, painted, and dusted with plaster dust. Crops are simply flocking glued on in thin lines.

Separating the church and field is a road using sand and pebbles as a base, painted and washed in grays and browns to give it a slightly muddy look.



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