Stump and Swamp Forest

Created by MUMSY for our Flora and Fungi Competition.

Ad idem. Of like mind. Flora and Fungi describe where I live. Land of old growth forests and a fungal paradise. Inspired by observing the plants and habitat that I am surrounded by. It is playable with 1:28 mini's. Based on three 4"x7" and three 8"x14" masonite boards.

Old growth cedar stumps using sculpted DAS. Two Sitka Spruce stumps using cardboard tubes and sawdust for bark. One is wood putty over a crumpled tin foil form. Two were sculpted over glass and plastic container with DAS. Various dowels and card tubes cut in half made up the downed stumps and trees coated in finely sieved sawdust.

Tin foil crumpled as forms inside larger stumps. A clay shaping tool used for curly roots on the bridge and stumps. PVA,Future,and water in equal parts applied twice and then added to all paint. Dry brushed all surfaces using acrylics. Miniwax Wood finish Driftwood as a wash.

Bridge is yarn soaked with Mod Podge. DAS and Greenstuff sculpted fungi. Thin ropes of Greenstuff for ladder rungs. DAS as stones. EnviroTex Lite form the stream and swamp. Multiple types of flock by Woodland Scenics and GaleForce nine Hobby Scenics. Also dried fern bits, lichen/algae dipped in paint, paper leaves, Sculpey III and Fimo as flowers. Beaver dam of dried corn silk over wood putty and tin foil base. Paper hole punches, wire, and split peas as water lilies.

The many layers of paint with PVA,Future(floor polish)and water makes this terrain very durable.



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