Haunted Mansion (Tales from the Crypt)

Created by Melly.Monkey and came 1st in our our Movies & Television Competition.

This is a mammoth piece measuring in at (from base edges): 13" wide, 16" deep & 14" tall. Main construction was done hot gluing foam-core to 1/8" masonite. They were then totally spackled & I gave the walls texture while it was wet by gently pressing with a large grit sandpaper. Brick work was etched into the spackle after it was dry. Windows are clear plastic sheets with a black wash on the inside. Window frames are made from a medium-weight coverstock paper; some were cut out using Adobe Illustrator and a Cricut cutting machine & some cut out by hand. Roofing is a base of thin cardboard with cut strips of a 110# index paper.

Most ornamental accessories were made with Sculpey including the gargoyle, lion head, porch railings, and copper decorations. The porch support beams are decorative wooden dowels from Hobby Lobby. Balcony railings are cut from a mesh splatter screen used for cooking that I found at the dollar store, with the tips of cocktail skewers anchoring some of the corners.

The ground composition is a mix of coffee ground & the herbs in tea bags. The trees were filler sprues on a bouquet of fake flowers. Tall grass, turf tufts & leave litter were added to break up the ground.



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