Hidden bunker/alien outpost

Created by Gregbag and came 1st in our our Secret Hideouts / Hidden Bases Competition.

This piece, based on a 60x43cm plywood plate (for 1:72 figs), is a series of experiments and new techniques.

Ground texture is ALU-folie,
Crumpled and flatted back, for a crackled aspect, glued with PVA on the base. To seal it I've covered with a thin layer of PVA, with a large wet brush.

The rocks are melted insulating styro plates. I used a gas torch, taking care to let the heat and not the flame to shape the piece. (do it with open windows and with a water can to avoid every kind of issues).
To fit joints between more burned pieces and the ground I used air dry clay (DAS).

I started from the bunker using 1,5mm cardboard. Then I've surrounded the finished piece with rock sections.
The concrete smears are done covering the surface with PVA and scratching away some lines with a piece of cardboard. Painted cold grey and drybrushed dirt white.
Pipes are drinking straws joint with electric wire.
Electric line simulations are real ethernet patch wires and PVC cuts.
Every detail is scratched: cigarette filters (barrel), zip ties (ammo box), washes (furnitures) cardboard and toothpicks (bed and desk), carved PVC sheets (case and radio).
Sandbags on the machinegun nest are done with DAS.

The landscape is painted with acryl-PVA-water mix, washed with ink and drybrushed with more different colors (pink, yellow and white).

Fungis are done with DAS, painted with nail glaze and acryl paint.

The pool is painted with nail glaze and filled with PVA.



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