Walt's Summer Home

Created by wdlanghans and came 2nd in our our Secret Hideouts / Hidden Bases Competition.

When it was suggested that we have a Headquarters for a competition theme,the idea of having a base inside of a head just popped into my mind, so when the secret hideout competition came along I ran with it.

This piece was designed to be used with 25/28mm figures typically used with spy/secret agent role play games. The structure of the base was constructed with quarter inch MDF with most the interior pieces being, foam, styrene, and wood. The mountain was created using plaster cloth and lightweight hydrocal.

I wanted to do some experimentation with lighting effects. I used 3 different diameter fiber optic strands, 1mm, .75mm and .5mm. I found that there was not much visible difference between the sizes unless you went from the .5mm to the 1mm, the .5mm was perfect for computer lights but the 1mm was to big.

I also experimented with LEDs. I tried out 2 different kinds, those that had a clear case but produced a color light, and ones that had a color case. Both ended up produce the same quality and amount of light for there size. The only reason I could see for picking one over the other is if the LED its self was going to be visible.

The removable part of the mountain was constructed by making a frame from chicken wire, and then covering it with plaster cloth and lightweight hydrocal, the bottom was done by balling up paper and then applying the cloth and hydrocal. The coloring was accomplished by a variation of what Woodland Scenic calls the the leopard spot technique



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