A Hill in the Troll Shaws

Created by pendrake for our Secret Hideouts / Hidden Bases Competition.

This is a piece of terrain for Warhammer Fantasy. It is designed to provide a place for monsters mounted on 40mm bases (such as Trolls) to use as an ambush point.

This is an aesthetic improvement over the original markers (just boulders that marked the point where a troll suddenly appeared).

It consists of a typical Warhammer hill constructed from a flat slab of Owens Corning Pink Foam and four matching slab boulders. Two of the boulders have metal washers hidden underneath. This allows them to stick to the edges of the holes which are fitted with magnetic material liberated from a magnetic calling card.

The figures and dice (added to show scale) also tell a simple story of a rider-less Pegasus, lost in the Troll Shaws, beset by Trolls (what else?) a White Knight rides in to the rescue, only to be ambushed as great slabs of stone are cast aside, and foul, smelly creatures lurch into the daylight seeking to ambush the gallant knight. The Pegasus is on a 40mm base, the knight is on a 24x50mm, the dice is a typical D10 and the hill is about 14 inches at its longest and the 'lairs' are cut to fit figures (such as Trolls) on 40mm square bases. It is one inch thick.

The hill is not flocked at all. The color variation on the top surface is all paint. The sides and boulders were painted pale grey with some brown mixed in. After that dried it washed with a black/brown mix. The top was covered in a base of grass green first, then other greens and brown were stippled on.



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