Aeronef Down

Created by pendrake for our Machines Competition.

This is a crashed Aeronef (flying machine) which has ploughed a large furrow in Borsendale Hill. An official inquiry determined that the starboard negative gravity screw failed at a critical moment causing the machine to roll violently to the right prior to impact.

The hill is pink foamular and 7 inches at its longest dimension. The main body of the Nef is 50mm long. It was painted with Reaper Master Series acrylics, Black Primer, Ancient Bronze, and Gold in that order. The Hill was painted ( and stippled ) with craft paints: black, grass green, other greens, a brown wash and finally some more green. Prior to painting it got some transfer texturing from some handy pieces of basalt.

After it was all painted the debris and the Nef components were glued in place with white glue and most had to be placed with tweezers. The big metal components were pinned into the foam. A lot of the debris is card, but there are chunks of wood, pewter, and plastic as well. The twisted folded items are packaging plastic. The debris were all painted with the same colors as the Aeronef plus Silver. The big sphere near the top of the hill is likely the port-side NGS housing which sheared away on impact.



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