Emperor's Pegasus Cannon Automaton

Created by havre and came 2nd in our our Machines Competition.

As all with the faintest knowledge of the Empire would know, they have a thing for towering and awe inspiring but somewhat cumbersome automatons. It's just natural that one of them came crashing into a house in my small town.

The contraption towers 12 cm from hoof to cannon but is only 6 cm long and 4 cm broad. With a wingspan of 15 cm it has no semblance of airworthiness what so ever, and brings a mediocre punch with its 4 mm clean bore muzzle loading cannon.

The model is a working piece of enginering in that the wings and legs are moveable. All of them can in principle be moved by any one of the six wheels, as all are connected by rubber bands. The friction is however somewhat high all though liberal amounts of graphite is used for lubrication.

The flying horse is made from wine corks, hair from paint brush, steering pins, plastic spoons, sheet plastic, wooden stuff, copper wire, ear cleaners and unhealthy amounts of super glue. The building is from featherboard, plywood, cork and PVA glue.



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