Rotting carcass of a stranded ship

Created by havre for our Metal/Wood Competition.

The task to replicate metal and/or wood stressing texturing methods and levels of degradation was a truly inspiring one.

A wreck is turned for shelter in Mordheim. The piece is kept minimalistic best to focus on the material and its texture. The fireplace shows where the missing wood disappeared. Most of the ship is removable for playability. (pic 4)

The frame is made from plastic cutting board. After sawed and cut to shape, the beams were textured using a fine saw blade before scoring with a knife. Steel brushing did not work. The end of the broken beams was roughed up using a saw and a knife.

The ship boards are clinker built with overlapping boards sewn together using clinkers. The boards are sheet plastic, cut in strips and given a steel brushing before being scored for texture. The clinkers are shortened pins.

The hull was supposed to be treated with tar, rotten in places and bleached by the sun. After a black undercoat and brown basecoat I gave it several drybrushes. The clinkers were painted metal before several brown and orange washes were added and wiped off to look like rust stains.

The corroded iron plate plugging the hull was made by hammering and pinching holes in sheet plastic before painting rust, adding masking fluid, giving the metal some chipped off blue paint, rounding off with home made rusty dust. (pic 5)

The brick wall is foamcard stamped with custom made iron stamps in the monk bond pattern.



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