Pirate Era Dock And Crane

Created by Capn Rum and came 3rd in our our Metal/Wood Competition.

Being a fan of the pirate and all things Caribbean, I thought I'd have a go at building a dock and crane based loosely on that low budget Disney pirate movie that no one saw.

As it is intended to be terrain for gaming with my 28mm pirates, I tried to make it modular so as to be able to move the cargo around as well as to change the dock configuration, possibly adding a second crane to it in the future.

The basic dock construction was of wooden stir sticks and round dowels. These wood components were treated to "graining" by dragging a thread restoring file along their length. Various sides of the file were used as each is sized for cleaning up a different thread pitch. The assembled dock was then painted and weathered using hobby knife and sandpaper.

The crane was built from wood, cut to rough shape and then covered with Liquid Nails (type of construction glue). The stonework was pressed into the wet glue and allowed to harden. Additional stone details were added with Kneadtite (greenstuff). The structure was then painted with Reaper acrylics.

The crane arms were given the same treatment as the main dock. The hand wench was built using dowel, a couple washers, a found gear and ship wheel, brass tube, paper and string. The wench and brake work.

The barrel and cargo features contain hand sculpted details like rats, hats, a parrot, and a jug. Other details are empty and full rum bottles (thanks wdlanghans) and shot glasses made from water-quenched hot glue.



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