Bivouac Markers circa 1774

Created by Tob for our One Inch Base Competition.

This entry concerns bivouac markers for a 15mm AWI (American War of Independence) skirmish game, and these markers represent temporary encampments often in an unsheltered area, highly mobile and without tents.
Using wood squares just under an inch square, I primed and painted then flocked them with tea and green sponge. I used talus to create stone circles and filled them with loose-leaf tea and bits of cinnamon stick for wood. I gave the loose tea a drybrushing of slate blue and white to look burnt and added black wash to inside of stones in the fire circle. To one fire circle I added a rotisserie. It was made from 18 gauge AWG craft wire and a straight pin, painted flat black to resemble wrought iron, then drybrushed in places metallic grey. Animal carcass is clay washed and drybrushed to look like meat, and it turns when spit handle is rotated.
I made a tripod from pins and lashed them together with a few turns of copper wire, then soldered, and painted it black then a drybrush in metallic grey. Weathered some foam and clay crates and barrels with wash and drybrush and added paper labels painted with a one cat whisker sumi-e brush. After mounting on base, added cooking pot on chain made from a slice of bamboo skewer and half of a jump ring.
Teapot is a bead coated with polymer clay with half of a jump ring for the handle, cup is tiny copper bead with copper bottom exposed to simulate Revere-ware. Table is another foam 'crate' with paper table cloth and measures <1cm^2.



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