Dead Tank

Created by Kishkumen and came 3rd in our our Forsaken Competition.

This T-72 was built from styrofoam to 1:48 scale. It is intended for 28mm modern skirmish wargaming. The foam hull was covered with strips of 3x5 card to smooth the surface. Spackle was avoided for fear of cracking over time.

The turret was smoothed from styrofoam and covered with triangular shapes of card to create a solid-looking dome. Cargo boxes are built from foamcore. Commander's hatch is a spare chain-mail link surrounded with epoxy putty to blend it in smoothly. Some spackle was used for further blending. The cannon is styrene tube with a rubber boot sculpted from more epoxy putty.

Varying thicknesses of cardboard and foamcore were glued to the hull to create relief.

Road wheels were taken from some dollar-store toy cars and secured to axles piercing the hull. Drive and idler wheels were assembled with rims and wheels from several other cars

Tracks are dry rigatoni noodles glued to a 3x5 card, then cut into strips of linked tracks. Tracks were painted before gluing to the wheels.

Side skirts are cardboard. The skirts on the burnt side were ripped up, then the ripped edges were bulked up with globs of glue to resemble melted rubber.

Soot and ashes were painted on the base, then accentuated with pastel dust and spackle dust. Weeds are bristles cut from a cheap paintbrush, and bricks were cast with plaster.

The base is about 6"x8". The figure shown for size comparison is 28mm with a 1" diameter base.



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