Fortified Building and Trench Complex

Created by skow and came 1st in our our Defensive Position Competition.

This fortified position is made for 28mm wargaming and measures just under 12"x12". The base is 1/4" MDF and 1" pink foam. A layer of Sculptamold was applied to give an earthy texture. A dremel with a routing bit was used to carve out the trench.

The sandbags were made by drilling 3/16" holes in the end of a PVC cap, adding a short length of PVC tube, and pressing out 'ropes' of air dry clay using a caulking gun. The ropes were cut with a wire baking rack to give a consistent length. A fabric napkin was then used to press a subtle texture into the sandbags and help to form them into a more natural shape.

A paper crimping tool was used to corrugate pop can tin. To add some holes and totally rusted out areas, the tin was sanded on both sides using an orbital sander before corrugation. The tin was then glued to the balsa wood frame which was painted in a grayish color and given a light wash of Burnt Umber. Rust colors were brushed on and some areas were airbrushed as well.

The radio is made of a single HirstArts .5"x.5"x.25" smooth block with styrene knobs/handset and a bit of wire. The tables are scratch built from styrene and painted with the hairspray method. Similarly, the portable generator is made and painted with the same materials and technique. The generator and crate 'Communist' stars were sprayed with the airbrush and a stencil.

Steel wool, static grass, and flock was used to make the bushes.

The 28mm figures are Eureka Modern ZANLA Guerillas.



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