Secured Fuel Depot

Created by Thumper and came 2nd in our our Defensive Position Competition.

The orders were clear, secure the Fuel Depot against the rebel forces. When Sgt. Snorkel arrived with his tactical unit he allowed himself a quick thought of "Why?" The tanks were empty, the pumping machinery was non-functional and it looked like a stiff wind would take out the complex. However, he wasn't paid to think, "alright Ladies, let's settle in!"

The Secured Fuel Depot was made for use with 25 - 28 mm miniatures. The base measures 12" x 12" and has an overall height of 7".

Tanks are cereal card with etched steel plating using a sculpting tool. Glue drop rivets and card strips added. Tanks were undercoated with a silver hammered metal paint, layers of rust effects stippled on and salt with an overcoat of "Paint" color. Salt was removed and washes added. Railings and ladders are granny grating and cereal card.

Pump house was constructed using repurposed backsplash tile, the roof is heavy card.

Pipes are Sculpey with cereal card fittings.

Dock is Balsa and Basswood with dowel pilings textured by pliers. Concrete block is a chunk of foam and fuel pump is card with green-stuff fittings.

Sandbags are Sculpey, using the rope and cut method, then stacked according to the U.S. Army Field Manual.

Basing is used coffee grounds with sawdust flock, static grass, and sisal rope patches.

Egret is green-stuff over a wire armature.

Water is clear resin tinted a blue-green poured over a painted base. Coffee grounds and sisal clippings were added as flotsam.



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