Defende Forest

Created by Slowbob for our Defensive Position Competition.

This piece is One foot square, it is built with 28mm war games in mind.
I started with a one foot square cut piece of ply wood. I drilled holes close to the corners of three corners where I fed bailing wire through twisting them in to tree shapes. Next I sculpted the bark on the trees with air dry clay. As the Trees dried I went to cutting aluminum cans tops and bottoms off a quick slice down the side and unroll and its ready for crimping. The barricades where built out of the crimped aluminum ,Granny grating and Popsicle sticks. The Barrels where Bugbaitz technique so a big thanks to him. Also skow Inspired me quite a bit with his African shanty entry into the three inch base Comp so another thanks there. And a big thanks to everyone here at TeGe.



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