Village Home Defense

Created by Joseph59667 and came 3rd in our our Defensive Position Competition.

While the enemy retreats to regroup and attack with new energy, the defenders prepare.

The base is made out of MDF, which I cleaned up the edges of with a knife, wood rasp, and some sand paper. The walls I made out of foamcore, with a thin coat of plaster on some of it to give the effect of crumbling stucko.

Just about everything else I Made out of balsa, or basswood which I dipped in Minwax stain. I used a wire brush to add a little grain and wear to it.

I made the bottle on the table out of some sprue with an Xacto knife. The knife in the table was one I had in some of my WW2 bits. The handle on the door I made with some thin wire.

To base it I used a mixture of river sand, and woodland scenics talus, burnt grass, course turf, and some regular turf.

The base is 14x8 inches, and the house is about 3" tall.



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