Trench bonanza

Created by havre for our Defensive Position Competition.

In Warmachine/Hordes, some scenarios demands upwards of 20 trench templates placed on the battlefield. No self respecting terragenesist would scatter 2d paper templates around his table. Thus, the 3D trench template is born. The rules calls for 3'' x 5'' trenches, which can be placed overlapping. To get the trenchy zig zag pattern we need to adjust the templates somewhat. That is solved by bending the lines a bit, with a 22,5 degree tilt on each sides. That gives 45 degrees for each module, needing eight to go full sircle. Next issue is model placement aka playability. That is solved by making the trenches somewhat shallower than would otherwise look realistic. It makes for less steep slopes. The trenches are 2 cm high, 6 '' broad and 5 '' long measured along the central line.

Materials: Plywood for base, with high density foam glued on top and cut to size. The inner trench walls are made from split steering pins and so is the rest of the wood. The texture is mainly from artificial grass soccer fields(grinded old tire rubber). Some H-beams, pipes and coorogated board are added sparingly. The plates is painted and drybrushed.

Our gaming group made a collective effort and made 27 pieces in total, picturing 20 here for our Wrath release event. They are made for table standard.



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