Piles 'o pipes

Created by Eazy-O for our Defensive Position Competition.

This entry represents some pipes. In piles. Left to rust in peace by the ImperiOil company, some Underhive settlers have dragged them elsewhere and filled them up with dirt to serve as makeshift fortifications.

These are companion pieces to the Oil tank dwelling I made a few years ago: http://www.terragenesis.co.uk/competitions/entry.php?id=194

They are meant for ~28mm gaming, though they could be used with smaller or larger scales, as the details don't really give that much away. The larger ones are 2x2x12cm and the smaller one is 6x2.5x2.5cm.

Construction is straightforward:
1) Cut up some drinking straws
2) Arrange them in piles and apply superglue
3) Add cable ties, crimping them in the corners
4) Fill up the ends with PVA and chunks of foam
5) Once dry, apply more PVA to the ends
6) Poke the PVA'd ends into your dirt flock
7) Paint to taste

I used my old and familiar parking-lot-dirt-masking-weathering. Goes as follows:
1) Find a parking lot
2) Situate your items away from vehicles
3) Give them a basecoat of brown
4) Sprinkle with parking lot dirt
5) Apply a coat of silver/metal
6) Wait to dry and remove the dirt with a brush
7) Acutally, leave some on, for a nice old & rusty effect



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