Road Side Vegetable/Fruit Stand

Created by MUMSY and came 1st in our our Agriculture Competition.

G scale diorama made for a garden train display. Realism in 1:24 was the goal.

Rural produce stand on a 10"x8" masonite base.

First layer is a blend of craft sand and grit. The shack is made of balsa and craft wood. Lemon tree is a Woodland Scenics' product. Lemons of Fimo. Garden rows are formed with siliconized caulk and flocked with Burnt soil.
Fruits and vegetables are hand sculpted with Soft Fimo and Sculpey III. Fimo Translucent blended with the Sculpey III in most cases. Painted Peppercorns for tomatoes, Coriander seeds for plums, and Sesame seeds for green grapes. Concord grape clusters are glass seed beads.
Balsa wood is used for all crates and tables. Grocery bag brown coarse paper was used for the trash bin with a Sculpey lid. That same paper was used for the berry boxes. Tissue was used for paper grocery bags. The large woven baskets for potatoes and apples were hand twisted with brown Soft Sculpey and formed around corks. Dusted with artist chalk.
Produce weighing scale is an old button, fimo, and jewelry findings. Paper posters copied off the Internet. PVA was the primary glue used throughout.
Acrylic paint, water colors, artists chalk, and Devlon mud ink used to color everything.
Future floor wax used as a sealant and gloss where needed.
I entered this competition with less than six days to complete it. I spent most of this time making those cabbages!



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