Fungus Farm

Created by Elderac and came 3rd in our our Agriculture Competition.

My concept is that of a farm that grows mushrooms including some giant ones.

The three major structures are the mushroom paddy, a compost heap, and a potting shed.

Originally, I intended to base all on the same board, but could not find a board that suited my purposes, so it ended up on three separate boards.

The model is scaled for 25/28mm characters. While it will primarily be used for Warhammer 40K, I chose not to make it too Orky so that it can be used for other systems and armies.

Parts of the model are removable to facilitate ease of figure placement. For example, one of the mushroom heads can be removed and the compost pile can be removed from its closure.

The primary materials used are scale lumber, wood pieces, high density foam, wall filler, and cocktail sticks.

I have only recent joined the forum and could not start this project until I finished the ones I was making for Christmas.

I appreciate this opportunity to display my work and have learned a lot from the many talented people here on this forum.

The Ork Figure was painted by and is courtesy of my daughter, Tropi. The farmer figure is a pre-painted plastic figure. Both are included for scale.




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