Ogre Charnel Pit

Created by Melly.Monkey and came 1st in our our Holey Places Competition.

This piece is intended to be for 28mm Warhammer Fantasy Ogres. The base measures approximately 9"x9" at it's widest parts.

The base board is 1/8" hardboard with the edges sanded. The edges of the pit are insulation foam carved with a hot wire cutter. To texture the foam, I dragged the flat edge of a butter knife down the edge against the grain of the foam. Random bits of body parts were painted & added to the bottom of the pit using PVA then sprinkled with a brown pigment powder while the glue was still wet. For added grossness, pink thread was soaked in red & brown wash and puddled on the bodies to look like entrails. Some ballast was added between the bodies and covered with more gore: random patches of red wash, purple wash, black wash & brown wash each mixture with 3 dimensional glue.

Finally, the base was covered in a mix of tea & coffee grounds. Bushes are chunks of potting moss & rocks are made from potting bark with some sponge paint.



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