Vietnam War Camouflaged Holes

Created by extraevildave and came 2nd in our our Holey Places Competition.

For the Holey Places Competition I decided to create an assortment of holes with different purposes and assorted camouflage techniques for wargaming the Vietnam War in 25/28mm scale.

I Stared with a couple of examples of different punji stick pit traps including the very nasty rolling punji stick pit with a removable camouflaged covering.

Next was a functional trap door that could lead down to a bunker or tunnel complex.

The third build was a supply cache hidden beneath a chicken run.
It was a multi-part build with a hollow base for hiding supplies beneath a removable, fenced off chicken run. The chicken coop was built on a seperate base with a detachable ramp so the coop itself could be used in other periods (where they didn't have wire).
Finally an assortment of crates and boxes were made to go in the cache.

The next piece was another one that would be found in a village or on a farm, a midden/compost heap hiding an enterance to bunkers or tunnels, and built around a heavy duty crate. The removable covering of the midden was a fairly close fit to the lower mound and the ladder and tunnel leading downwards were constructed and painted to give the impression of depth.

The final construction was a camouflaged hilltop log bunker with a hidden entry tunnel and a removable roof. Inside the bunker were several crates of supplies, a Viet Cong flag some propaganda posters and some dubious books and magazines to help pass the time.



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